Friday, 11 January 2013

Been poorly

I've had a rotten cold all week so I haven't been to the plot since Monday.

The mushroom spawn has got fuzzier but still no threads.  I think it is just going mouldy.

Had a go at lighting my ghillie kettle that I got for Christmas  Took me half an hour to get a fire going, but once it was away it only took five minutes for the whistle to go. (And two days before that collecting twigs and letting them dry!) A thermos might be easier but nowhere near as much fun.

Moved the onion seeds (Bedfordshire Champion) in their tray inside to a windowsill and the little folded up stalks appeared in a couple of days.

 I have given them a reflector (foil wrapped cardboard)to help them not lean towards the light.

The sweet peas sown for the allotment shop are coming up nicely.  Looks like a pretty high success rate so far. I thought they looked a bit leggy already but MGG says the tops get pinched out when they've got four leaves, so it doesn't matter too much.
Back end of last year I scraped the seeds out of a couple of tomatoes (Bambino) onto a piece of kitchen paper and let it dry.  Today I tore off the bits with the seeds stuck on and put them on a pot of compost, covered it with more compost and put the pot on the windowsill (which is getting a bit crowded, what with the basil, and the peashoots and the onion seeds)

Did I say about the peashoots? In December I bought a bag full of dried peas from the shop in the Grainger market, 10p per 100g, and planted a handful of them very densely in a 5 inch pot of compost.  They came up in no time at all and I ended up with a forest of peashoots.  They work well in stir fries, or mixed salad but not good by themselves unless you like the taste of marrowfat peas.


  1. Lots going on! That kettle does look like fun. Have you grown onions from seed before? I think I'll stay with sets for now, although our almost zero sprouting rate on our autumn planted ones has made me wonder whether seeds might be the way to go in future?

  2. I tried red onion seeds last year as I had heard they didn't bolt as easily, but I was late and they just didn't grow very well with the bad weather. You might find your onions might start when it warms up, sometimes they do catch up quite quickly. The birds keep pulling mine out, I should have put some fleece on.