Wednesday, 30 January 2013

more apple trees

I got two more apple trees last week.  Blackmoor Nursery were having a bogoff so I succumbed to the lure of the 2fer. Jonagold and James Grieve.  This time they definitely going into pots, at first anyway. They arrived in the middle of all that snow so they are sitting in the greenhouse, poking passers-by, until the weather is a bit more congenial to planting.

Now most of the snow has melted, I have made a start by wheeling a barrow load of home-made compost to the plot (which is still under water) to part fill the pots.

The wheelbarrow tyre seems to be holding air okay now, I think the valve may have got misaligned when it got bashed and it just didn't occur to me to check that before I went through the rigmarole of checking for punctures. Always dangerous to assume....

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