Saturday, 19 January 2013

more snow

the bee garden

Lots of snow in the last few days, no gardeners, just animal tracks at the top end of the site.  A bird that hops feet together, blackbird perhaps, and one that walks one foot in front of the other, which might be a crow, but I am no expert.  There was small animal track which could be a cat and bigger ones that were probably the local fox.  It has a den nearby and I did think that this would be the ideal opportunity to find out where.  But then I thought a bit more and decided I didn't want come face-to-face with a frightened fox or foxes, so I left him/her in peace.
Too much snow and too cold to do anything constructive, so I pushed the snow off the top of the brassica netting.  I'm not quite sure why I am bothering as the brassicas inside look very moth-eaten and I wouldn't fancy eating them even if they were big enough. Old habits....

At least the plot isn't under water...yet.

I heard some news about the flooding on our site.  The council are looking at the feasibility of digging a drainage gully (the letter, which has a link on Moorside's website, calls it a cundy, that's a new word on me, I had to look it up) around the north and east side of the allotments to divert the water from the moor onto Fenham Hall Drive.  Don't know whether that will work though because FHD already has a struggle coping with floodwater as it is.  Its not that a ditch will add more water to whatever already goes there but it will probably arrive there sooner and all at once.  It would be good if something could be done about the flooding, though.

I'm on duty at the trading hut tomorrow morning, I hope it isn't too cold. Woolly tights under trousers day, I think.

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