Thursday, 17 January 2013

onion seeds, peppers, tomatoes

Now the first leaves have shown, I took the onions from the warm windowsill and put them back in the greenhouse - just in time for a below freezing spell of weather.  But they seem to be surviving okay.

The cold might stop them for a while, but I think onions are tough enough.

Overwintering peppers update - not good news, the cayenne looks sick and one of the sweet peppers has got curly leaves, but other one looks healthy.
cayenne pepper

curly one

healthy one
I think the windowsill they were on was a bit cold because the person whose bedroom it is, very selfishly, had opened the window overnight.  So I have moved them to the bathroom windowsill where they should be quite snug and they might recover.

The Bambino tomato seeds that I saved from last season have begun to pop through, I'm quite pleased because it was dead easy to do and actually worked, so far..

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