Friday, 1 February 2013

apple trees potted

The weather continues not snowing, or raining, or being absolutely freezing, just very windy. So I decided that today was a good time to plant the new apple trees.
I carted some more compost on the trusty shopping trolley with dustbin attached by a bungee cord. I thought I had remembered everything I needed for the task, but.....

I just wish that one time I can be organised enough to do a proper job on things.  I forgot about supports, and it was too windy to leave them unsupported, so they ended being staked up by anything I could find.  One is tied up with a piece cut off the hosepipe and the other with the carry strap of the sprayer.  Doh!
I forgot the mycorrhizal fungi too. And on checking previous posts, I had forgotten that they were supposedly better in square pots. Oh well....

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