Saturday, 2 February 2013

More broad beans

Snowed a little bit last night and then froze icy patches on the pavements.  0C this morning.

Sowed some more broad beans. 12 Wikiem Manita and about 24 Red Epicure, all in paper pots.

Get the new style square paper pots! Each one is an A4 sheet, a bit trickier to make than the round ones made around a spray can,but they fit nicely into a seed tray, are bigger and so took 2 beans per pot. Also, it seems an appropriate end for the minutes of the Allotment AGM.

Mushroom update: nothing happening except for them getting fuzzier and mouldy spots appearing on the newspaper cover, so I have brought them into the  bottom shelf of the greenhouse. That should either accelerate the growth of the mouldy spots, in which case I can throw them out, or the spawn, in which case I will have to think of a way of sterilising soil for the next step in their development. I was going to microwave some garden compost, but a) it apparently stinks the house and microwave oven out, and b) I haven't got any left, I used it all planting my apple trees. I am told pouring boiling water over soil is a good way to clean small quantities.

Pepper update:  Have given up on the cayenne that I was attempting to overwinter, it turned into a brown twig in a remarkably short time, but the sweet peppers are still looking good.

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