Tuesday, 12 February 2013

more raised beds

Then there were three...
Then there were four!

Two more bed borders, hopefully these will be proper raised beds to get them out of the wet.

The leeks in the foreground are expendable, the left-hand bed has some kale and onions which might also be expendable if I have to. But I've got winter onions in the farthest away bed and I definitely don't want to disturb them, so that bed will have to wait until the onions are out before I can level it.

(And there is a whole new problem folks, levelling.  In my experience you go round and round, when the first edge is level the next is not and then you get that one level and the next one is not... and so on. There must be a proper way of doing it, I will have to check Youtube for a demo.)

I have only got one plank left, which is strange, because when I worked out how many planks I needed, I thought I had bought 8 planks, but on checking back through this diary, it looks as if I must have only got 6.  I wonder how many I paid for?

It started to snow a bit and my fingers were disappearing one by one, so I came home.

1 comment:

  1. Looking good! Hope that helps things to grow should the current sodden conditions remain in effect. Gonna have to get busy with the scaffolding planks ourselves at some point.