Thursday, 28 February 2013

seeds sowing

Sowed seeds for the plant scheme in the greenhouse this morning.  Temperature in the mini greenhouse got up to over 34.5C and over 29C in the main greenhouse. It was very pleasant pottering about in there.
Peas (Hurst Greenshaft) 4 x 9 module trays, ie 36 modules with four peas per cell.
Broad Beans (Masterpiece) 15 x 3 inch pots with four beans per pot.
(Some beans had tiny holes drilled in them so I have put them in damp kitchen paper to see if their germination is affected.) Edit: germination unaffected.
Leeks (Musselbrugh) 3 x 5 inch pots with 20 seeds and 1 x 3 inch pot with 10 seeds.

After that I went to the plot to see if my broad beans had survived the frost last night.  They looked quite chipper.

I took the found babybath to maybe make a start on a pond, but, strangely, it was too wet. There was nowhere to stand without sinking into the mire. I'm not sure whether I will use it at all, I might use it as a planter, except that it is the ugliest babybath I have ever seen and is not going to enhance any garden.

Or I could just bin it...

Too muddy more like. I shifted more soil and water about, making a rain pond on the other side of the path.  Memories of the film "Warhorse" came to mind.
Below is the first pond

 And this is the other one, filling with water as I dig. (Yes, I know, a picture of some wet soil, but I think it is interesting even if you don't)

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