Thursday, 7 February 2013

sowing things

The sweet pea seedlings have left home and gone to live in Our Leader's greenhouse. Their germination has been patchy, there was 20 seeds in 4 pots of each variety, and there were 10 varieties.  In the best, 18 of the 20 seeds germinated,  and the worst, only 12 of 20. Of course, more may pop up later as it gets warmer. They have been in an unheated greenhouse from the start with no heat except that which the sun has provided.

Sowed some lettuce (Parella Green) for the trading hut. 2 trays of 12 modules.  I will sow some more later, now that I have some space with the sweet peas going.
I tried out my new seed dispenser which, suprisingly for a gadget, worked quite well with such tiny seeds. I only bought it because it came with a mini sieve that I thought would be useful when potting plants. But I've used the seed dispenser and the little dibber that came with the set more than the sieve. (Wilko's, about £4)

It was still too wet down ont'plot to do anything on the soil (I'm itching to get my raised bed frames bedded in), so I stirred the compost heap up a bit, not too much as I have a dodgy elbow at the moment.  I added the pony manure, which I had stored in a dalek, to the compost and mixed it up as much as my elbow would allow.  I was going to add the pig muck too,(remember the pig muck?) but it had gone down to a crumbly mass and looks as if I could use it direct onto the soil.  So I put some in between the raspberry plants, and I will try to remember to put some wood ash on a bit later.

Fetched two more barrow loads of wood chippings, we might not get more and I am laying in a stock of path coverings.  I've been looking into rain gardens and I might possibly need some chippings as a mulch at some point.  I'm not sure whether rain gardens work on areas that are wet for extended periods, they mostly seem to be popular in dry areas which suffer from flash floods.

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