Wednesday, 27 February 2013

sunny day

It has been a lovely sunny day, the first one for a while which hasn't been accompanied by icy blasts.
I thought I might be able to do something in the garden, but the snowmelt has filled every hollow.

This is the "rain garden" - it is full of water! The soil is saturated, so nothing much to be done.

I keep looking at the wooden borders I have made and thinking "Oh, I'll sort that out later" and it is true that I cannot do much while they have plants in and water surrounding them, but I really don't know where to start making them into proper raised beds.  At the moment they are perched on top of mounds of soil, suspended over thin air on one side and buried at the other side.

Maybe all will come clear to me in time.

Some buds are appearing on various bushes.  This is the pear tree looking very willing,
but some other newish bushes which were planted in 2010/11, such as the rasps Polka and the gooseberry Xenia, which did badly last year, don't look as if they will recover.

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