Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Various updates

The sweet peppers are looking good, with a few flowers on the right-hand one. There have been flowers coming and falling off all the time but these ones managed to make it past the bud stage.  They really seem to like the warmth of the bathroom, but they will need to be moved as it gets warmer (and hopefully, sunnier) outside, or they will scorch.

This is the mystery squash rescued from the compost, back end of last year.

And the orchid has produced another flower stalk from the base of the previous one.

The onion seeds are growing imperceptibly, I think!

The Bunyards Exhibition (broad beans) are just poking through, the one on the left was brought up on the kitchen windowsill the others have been in the greenhouse.

No signs of life from the red epicure or wikiem manita (broad beans)

Green parella (Lettuce) is coming on

The surviving Bambino tomatoes that I pricked out too soon, before they had true leaves, have hardly developed at all.
And these are the other Bambino, not pricked out until they had some true leaves on, left in clumps.
I will thin them when they have better roots.

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