Monday, 25 March 2013

broad beans planted

Freezing cold day with a bitter wind. 0/3C

Went to the plot, prepared to come straight back again if it was too cold, but I managed to stay long enough to plant out the baby broad beans. They have survived the weather quite well, a couple of the red epicure had brown tips to the leaves, frost or cold I assume, but otherwise looking quite fit.

I tried planting through some weed fabric with the red epicure beans, and I succeeded after a fashion, but it is very fiddly poking the plantlets through the cuts in the fabric.  Reminded me why I can't be bothered doing hanging baskets. And I would never make a gynaecologist.

Some of the peas I planted in the cold greenhouse on the 4th March are starting to sprout at last.

Packed in when my fingertips lost all feeling.

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