Tuesday, 5 March 2013

buying and sowing seeds

I was on the internet last night buying seeds (I have since checked my seed box and I need more seeds like I need a hole in the head!) when I came to the checkout and realised it was nearly £5 postage and packing.  £5! for 8 packets of seeds in a jiffy bag!  No!  So I went to Wilko's today instead and spent £23 on seeds and bulbs!  I didn't pay p&p on it all, but it probably would've been cheaper to have gone with Sarah Raven and given Wilko's a wide berth.

This morning in the greenhouse, I sowed ...
Aquilegia, my own seed saved from the plot.  (The parent plant was a double pink flower, very pretty but I don't know whether they breed true. I think I tried them last year but I can't remember what happened to them, it was such a miserable year everything seemed to die.)
Scabiosa Japonica, Ritz Blue
Nasturtium, tall single mixed
Sunflower, giant single
Antirrhinum, deep red, own seed saved from the front garden.
Sweet peas, 3 different sorts, 2 leftovers from last year and one new pack bought today.

Went to the plot this afternoon, sowed more peas and beans for the allotment shop, forked over the wild flower bed, now to become a cut flower bed. I have the seeds...
One of my purchases was a ph and moisture tester, I have heard tell that they aren't very reliable so I really wanted a soil testing kit, but Wilko doesn't seem to stock those. This was only £4 and my one that was given me last Christmas has did a runner before I had a chance to see if it was any good, so I thought I would try it. I also got a pack of mycorrhizal fungus (Rootgrow) for half the price of that on the internet.

(Some tricky spellings in my diary today, but I think I've got them right.)

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