Saturday, 30 March 2013

cosmos pricked out

I am such a sad person that I can find gardening related things for my diary just about every day.

I pricked out 84 cosmos seedlings, leggy ones at that.  It is in the lap of the gods as to whether they will survive.

This is but a few of them.
I separated the broad beans that I had sown 4 to a pot as they were looking a wee bit cramped and transplanted them one to a cell.
Again this is but a few of them.  I am getting rather pushed for space so some of them have gone to the greenhouse at the allotment.  In fact, so pushed for space I have started to build upwards.

 I am planning to sow my peas in sections of guttering, but they take up a lot of bench space so I had the brainwave of buying some brackets and fixing them to the greenhouse frame, and so far it is working quite well.  I haven't got any peas in yet, they are currently chitting in damp kitchen paper, but the guttering works as shelves for small pots in the meantime.  I didn't bother getting end caps for the guttering, I just used duct tape and will renew it as it needs.

Mystery squash update:  I potted it on to a bigger pot as it was looking a bit top-heavy, but actually the roots were only just starting to fill the 5 inch pot and could have gone a little longer.
It has gone into the greenhouse, but because it has been living the life of a pampered house-plant in the front room, I think I will bring it in at night until the weather warms up, as it is still occasionally a bit nippy out there.

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