Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Hostas etc

Still a bitterly cold wind.  The temp got up to 5C, briefly when the sun shone for a few minutes.

Planted up 3 pots with hosta, and 3 pots with anemone.

Moved the tomato plants upstairs to the spare bedroom, they aren't developing in the cold of the greenhouse.

Switched off the propagator as the cosmos have gone all leggy. Might be having to start again with those.

The celeriac I sowed a couple of weeks ago have showed now that I have put them on the kitchen windowsill, for such a butch looking vegetable, it has teeny tiny seedlings.  But no sign of the celeriac I sowed for myself in the propagator yet.

Two of the courgettes have come up and a third is on its way.

Oh, and I got a new cloche tunnel. (£5.99 Lidl)

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