Sunday, 31 March 2013

hugelkultur bed, step 5

Still cold but bright and sunny. Max 4C all day.

I took some more bean plants to the plant scheme greenhouse and my onions seedlings went into the cold frame on the plot.

 I stayed a while to finish off the hugelkultur bed. The big blue tub was full of rainwater so buckets of that went on to the mound, followed by the topsoil.  I forgot to take the camera or phone with me so no pictures, but if you imagine a 2 foot high mound of soil, you are just about there.  I will add some pictures later.


Told you....large mound of soil.

It should ideally run east/west, so I can plant shady things like lettuce on the north side and sun loving things on the south side, but I didn't think of that until too late.

Transplanted the courgettes into a 4 cell tray and put it back on the windowsill and the mystery squash has gone back into the front room, it is still far too cold for them.

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