Friday, 29 March 2013

hugelkultur bed steps 1 to 4

Only the occasional snow flurry so I went to the garden to collect a bag of compost.  It turned out quite nice when I got there, even the sun came out in between showers, so I stayed and began work on the hugelkultur bed.
1.  I widened the trench that was one of the rain ponds and piled the topsoil to one side. (Those guys in the States used a JCB for theirs, but as mine is only about two metres long and one metre wide,  it seemed an unnecessary luxury here.)
2.  I piled the logs, acquired earlier, into the trench, and made several more trips to gather some barrows of smaller brushwood and branches to put on the top.  It made quite a respectable sized pile.
 3.   I jumped up and down on it for a while, to flatten and shake the smaller twigs down into the gaps.  Then on the top of that went some wood chippings and leaves saved from last autumn.  There were lots of worms in the bags of leaves.
4.  Some more jumping up and down, almost breaking ankles in the process.  After which I opened up the old compost heap, sending the local woodlouse population into a frenzy of activity, sorry! Onto the bed went several barrows of semi-rotted compost.
Completely pooped after all those exertions, I am leaving the rest until the next fine day. More compost and then the topsoil to go next, and apparently it has to be watered before the topsoil goes on.  But it goes against the grain after all those months of flooding, and the taps aren't working yet so it would be buckets from the butts. The water is due to come back on soon so we will see...

The photo above has just shown me that my levelling skills need polishing.

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