Monday, 4 March 2013

Levelling beds

Did some pea sowing for the shop plant scheme, but I got so cold I had to do something to warm myself up, so I shifted some soil, levelling my wooden borders for the raised beds.  Well, when I say levelled, its levelled-ish. But they look quite tidy and not too many gaps around the edges.  They will bed themselves in as I work them. I'm sure.
I put some lime on the bed that had the potatoes in last year and also on the bed that was euphemistically called the wild flower bed.  It was mostly buttercup, plantain and daisies that grew successfully and they are acid soil plants, so probably a bit of lime won't do it any harm. (Must get a soil testing kit)
The wild flower bed is the end of the plot which floods most often so I am thinking of using most of it for the rain ponds and on the level part I will try a cut flower bed.  Perhaps I won't feel so upset if it floods again and I lose flowers instead of vegetables.

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