Thursday, 28 March 2013

potted some more..

Potted up the rest of my Wilko's 3fer.  Hemerocallis (Stella d'Oro) and Dicentra Spectabilis (Alba).  Am running out of compost now. No pix of those, just pots with compost, boring.

Bought some more autumn bulbs when I was at Lidl yesterday.  Oxalis Deppei, £1 for 40 corms.  I just can't resist! Some people hit clothes shops, others go for plant stalls.

Pricked out 48 Aubretia seedlings, they are tiny and made me feel very clumsy and big-fingered.  Heaven knows if they will survive. Next time remember to sow them straight into modules rather than a tray.
The Masterpiece broad beans will have to go on sale soon or they will be climbing out of their pots.  I think maybe 4 per pot was a bit too many.
Here are the onion seedlings, looking just the same but slightly bigger.

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