Wednesday, 20 March 2013

pricking out tomatoes

Still too wet on the plot. (I spent an hour on Sunday barrowing wood chippings to the muddy patches on the communal paths. I'm being quite selfish about this, I'm sick of slipping and plodging in mud, so anything I can do to reduce it, I will.)
So I stayed home and pricked out the tomato seedlings into pots.  I have Bambino, Gerdener's Delight, and 100s & 1000s. They aren't growing very fast, still too cold. I chucked out the seedlings that I had pricked out far too soon, they hadn't budged since they got their first true leaves.  I noticed when I pulled them out of the compost they had minimal root systems and would always have struggled.

The sweet peas in the rootrainers are starting to show, they have been on the kitchen windowsill, so I have taken the transparent lid off and moved them to the mini-greenhouse.

The red epicure broad beans sown in paper pots are showing signs at last.
The peas I sowed at the same time (Feb) for the shop are showing so they have gone to live in the greenhouse at the allotment.
I must get around to sowing some peas for myself.

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