Saturday, 16 March 2013

spring, I think..

It has been the first nice day for ages.  Spring is springing regardless of the weather, or in spite of...  There is mayhem going on in the next plot's pond, about 20 frogs all jumping on each other, with only one thing on their collective mind.
There are some buds on the fruit bushes, even some I thought were goners, the gooseberry cuttings given me last year are sprouting beautifully and the redcurrant I thought was dead, is showing signs of life. No signs from the gooseberry (Xenia), or the raspberries (Polka). 
The garlic has appeared above ground at last, I thought it was never going to make it.  The winter onions are starting to look as if they are growing.
The forecast is for another cold spell though, so I didn't plant out the broad beans, but I did put the cloches out to help warm the soil in the bed where the beans are going.

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