Tuesday, 12 March 2013


The second coming of the orchid - orchidus horizontalis!

 The broad beans are coming along nicely, if it would just give over freezing and snowing I might get a chance to get them out under cloches.  I've moved some other broad beans to the cold frame in the plot and they will be the first to go out as soon as the weather permits.
 The mystery seed from the compost heap, living a life of luxury on the front room windowsill.

My maxnmin told me this morning that it was 38.6C in the mini greenhouse (2.3C outside), and down to  2C inside (-2C outside) overnight. No wonder the tomato plants were looking distressed. They picked up visibly when I took them out of the mini greenhouse, I could actually see them straightening up again.

I put 3 of my chitted potatoes (kestrel) in compost, in a growing bag, in the green house.

Apart from sowing seeds there isn't much to be doing until the spring arrives properly, and my shelves are getting a bit full of seed trays now.  

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