Thursday, 4 April 2013

beans hardy

I was a bit anxious about the broad beans, because there was quite a frost last night and I had taken their cloches away yesterday.  I expected to see blackened, shrivelled leaves, but no, they looked fine, My Garden Guru was right, they are pretty tough.

Some of the beans I had planted through the weed fabric were looking a bit limp, but when I checked through the holes some of them weren't even in the soil and some more had disappeared completely under the fabric.  I have yet to be convinced that all the faff is worth it.

I re-arranged some of the paths.  I have decided to move the artificial grass strips down to the wet end of the plot around the new raised beds, as I reckon they will stand being flooded better than wood chippings will. So I took the grass strip away from the top path and put it on the bottom path, and cut open two old compost bags and used those as a base for a barrow load of wood chippings, on the top path.

But there was a pretty cold wind blowing, and I started to get properly chilled, even with all the activity, so I came home for a cup of tea. I will do more later.

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