Wednesday, 17 April 2013

beetroot and turnip

Sowed a row of beetroot seeds (Detroit 2, Crimson Globe) and a row of turnip (Purple Top Milan).  (Another picture of soil may not be very interesting, but it helps my memory in locating where I put them.)
That patch of dark soil in the next garlic bed is where I planted some Red Baron onion sets ages ago in 21st February. I had a rootle around and found most of them, and several looked the same as when I put them in the ground, some more had a few roots and 2 or 3 had some roots and top growing.  I probably haven't done them any favours by digging them up, but it gave me an idea of how far on they are.  So I will give the other bed, planted at the same time, a bit longer.  Maybe because it has been so dry, they just haven't got going. I puddled them in with some soil improver and some Grow Organic to help them on.

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