Friday, 26 April 2013


Moorbank is looking particularly pretty today

Would be even prettier if I could hold the phone steady while I pressed the button, I don't have this problem with the camera.

I spent the morning weeding, pulling out couch grass and horsetail, I'm glad I haven't got those in my garden.

I was up early as it was my turn on the plant scheme rota,so before I went to Moorbank I went to the allotments to water the greenhouses.  And while I was at the plot I planted a few of the sprouting onions which I bought a couple of weeks ago.  They've got good healthy roots on them, it would be nice if they transplant successfully.


  1. Looking lovely, do you volunteer at Moorbank? I haven't heard the latest on its future, hope a permanent solution was arrived at?

  2. Yes, Lee, I do a couple of hours a week, weather permitting.
    The info I have is that they have until November to decide. They need somebody with a spare million or two.