Saturday, 6 April 2013

potatoes planted

I took the rotasieve down to the plot, to get some compost that looks like compost is supposed to look, from the pile of straw and weeds which is my compost heap.
It worked very well.  (Using it reminds me of my mother's old washing machine which was woman powered by a rotating handle on the top.)

A wheel-barrow full of compost later....

Potatoes planted.
18 Kestrel in two rows in bed 6 next the brassica tunnel and 6 in a small raised bed.
Method for bed 6:  ditch along each long side, soil piled in middle, some potato fertilizer sprinkled in the bottom, seed potatoes about 18 inches apart.  Then a shovel  of sieved garden compost for each potato.  The soil from the ditch will be replaced as the potatoes grow (said she confidently).
Method for the raised bed:  as it is only half full of soil I just dug a hole, mixed the bottom soil with fertilizer,and put the seed potato in. Then a shovel of garden compost for each hole.  I will earth them up with the soil improver which is being delivered next week.

I would've put a picture up, but I forgot AGAIN to take the camera or phone, and a picture, now they are planted, would be just a bed of soil, which I am sure you have seen before.

Later... Just to keep everybody happy, a picture of a bed of soil.
 It just shows how dry it has been after months of rain, the picture below is the rain pond!
When I went back this afternoon I had intended to sow some broccoli seeds, but it seems I can only remember one thing at a time, because although I remembered a camera, I forgot the seeds.   Oh well!

Instead, I forked over the spare patch beside the rhubarb which has been covered since last year.  When I peeled back the cover it was looking in good nick, a little bit compacted, but with no weeds (it has been too cold so far anyway) and two frogs blinking in the sunlight. Didn't get a picture of them as they hopped off double quick into the undergrowth.

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