Monday, 22 April 2013


Well I'm getting a bit fed up with traipsing (is that how it is spelt?) back and forward to the allotment with trays of seedlings for the trading hut plant scheme,  The trouble is that the most I can carry at once is 4 module trays.  So I thought "Aha! what I need is a pram!" (A car would be best, but a bit expensive) Suggestions have been supermarket trolley, wheelbarrow, or shopping trolley, none of which will transport trays of plants over bumpy pavements without scattering compost and jiggling the baby plants about.
So I put a Wanted on Freegle two days ago and amazingly someone has replied, and lives near enough to me to walk the pram home. It was a faint hope because you just don't see prams anymore, and I thought that if one did come up it would be miles away and need a taxi to go and get it, but no! Miraculously, it is just a couple of streets away in Arthurs Hill!
I collect it tomorrow, I'm quite excited!

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