Friday, 19 April 2013

psb sprouting, new gooseberry bed

There are some sprouts on the purple sprouting broccolli, not purple though.  I'm sure I looked last week and there was nothing happening.  Things are really trying to catch up after the cold spring.
 The raspberry bed is no more and we have a gooseberry bed instead.  Out of the two pots of cuttings given to me by a fellow plotholder, there was 6 well rooted green gooseberry plants, and a red gooseberry plant. I think I will take out the single survivor from last year, it is struggling, it obviously didn't appreciate being waterlogged for weeks on end and I have plenty of others now.  In fact, I am not sure whether I really need 7 gooseberry bushes let alone 8!

The next bed along has a survivor redcurrant bush in it and if I buy some more rasps, that bed is where they will go.  Broad beans in there at the moment.  I did think I would get new rasps for the same bed but it occurred to me that if there are any runners I won't know whether they are new or old ones left over.
Did some weeding.  It is always easy at this time of year, you can see each weed and zoom in on it, and I always think I will keep on top of it this year, but I never do, by the time June comes, I'm knee deep.  Maybe I will this year with my beds clearly defined.

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