Thursday, 11 April 2013

Soil improver delivery today

My very own pile of soil improver! (£18 from the Newcastle City Council) Delivered 11.30am prompt, with much trepidation up the narrow lanes of the site, only trashing a few overhanging trees on the way. It would have been good if it could have been dropped a bit closer to my plot, but the lane does get very narrow and I could see that the truck was going to struggle.

Number 1 son helped me get it onto the plot in half the time it would have taken me on my own.  I will take some more pictures tomorrow, no energy left today. I tried to keep track of the number of barrows it was, but No.1 son was such a blur of speed, I lost count.  We think there was 25 or 26 altogether.

Celery experiment update

Judging by the resistance when given a tug, there seems to be roots on all the pieces, and the section that was base of the bunch has grown its second set of leaves. The next step will be to pot them up.

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