Wednesday, 3 April 2013

sowed parsnips

I took the bold step of taking the cloche tunnels off the broad beans. The weather forecast is good and they are quite tough.
Sowed parsnips (Tender and True). I raked the chosen spot (I thought well about it because after all, they are there for about a year), gave it a little fence otherwise I will do what I did last year, and the year before,  forget about them and then plant something else in the same place.

The technique I am trying this year is to make planting holes about 6 inches apart with an old spade handle, fill them full of compost and plant just 2 or 3 seeds in that.
The task of the day done, I fiddled about doing stuff, as you do in gardens;
  • Attempted to level that wonky bed.
  • Took the brassica tunnel off and weeded and gave the cabbages a seaweed feed. No sprouts, purple or otherwise on the broccolli. The cabbage and cauli has hung on through thick and thin, and are having a little flush of growth.  I might get something yet
  • Also fed the broad beans and the onions while I was on. 
  • Sprinkled ash around the fruit bushes. The Polka rasps and the gooseberry bushes are still looking tote, but I'll give them a bit longer, still early yet.
  • Raked and hoed a bit to break up winter lumps.

I found a volunteer potato, and it was sprouting!  Which is pretty ironic considering I got zero potatoes from that batch last year.   So it maybe that is a sign that it is probably okay to start planting any day now.

Also a daisy looking pretty on what remains of the wild flower bed. I have a soft spot for anything that can make it through all the cold and wet of last year.  It is looking a bit bedraggled but it is getting there.

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