Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Pram rocks!

The Pram....embracing its new life as a plant transport.

And it works well too, it glided smoothly over the rocky paths of the allotments without loosening a seedling.  I reckon I can shift three times as many seed trays with The Pram as on foot.  Its just a pity I hadn't done this sooner as the seedling moving season is winding down.  But I'm sure it will be useful for other things, for now I just have to put up with jibes from jealous fellow plotholders.

I discovered while at the plot, that one of my hosepipes has developed several terminal kinks during the winter and now splits at the slightest stress and soaks my trousers at every opportunity, so that is a new hose needed, so I thought.  I went to clear a space in the garage for The Pram (I am going to have to freegle the bike) and what did I find?  A hosepipe! And a better one than the old one!  That was a hand-me-down too so it is just recycling city here.

What with getting a mini-greenhouse and a tomato growhouse from Wilko's for £2.50 apiece, it has been a very successful day all round.

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