Monday, 15 April 2013

washing day

Washing day today, and a brilliant day for drying outside. The sun is a-shining and the wind is a-blowin'.
So machine minding takes precedence over the plot.
But I did some seed sowing for the trading hut plant scheme in between washloads.
I sowed 7 trays of sweet corn (48) and 7 trays of dwarf french beans (42), and for myself I sowed 6 outdoor cucumbers (Marketmore 76).  They very rarely come to anything but I live in hope.
And I've got a mushroom!  After the failure of the first spawn, I bought a box from Wilko's (you can't say I give up easily) And lo!

I forgot to mention I sowed about 20 tomatillo seeds in the heated propagator (2nd April). I couldn't see through the steamed up lid the next day and thought "oh, it'll be alright..."  Wrong!  So when I lifted the lid the day after, there is a load of cress-like seedlings 3 inches high looking at me! Leggy just doesn't describe it! I discarded the worst ones and I have pricked out the rest.  I don't know if like tomatoes you can plant them up to their armpits, but I have.

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