Sunday, 26 May 2013

a warm day and lots of gardening

A lovely warm day today, so nice after all the cold and wind. The first thing to do when I got to the plot was put back the arch over the gate, it would have gone if it wasn't for the honeysuckle hanging on to it for me.  And retrieve the cloche from on top of the bluebells.  And replace the fleece on the sweetcorn.

There are some flowers on the strawberries (they think it is spring even if it hasn't felt like it much lately) so I put the hoops over the beds ready for the netting to go on.

I only came to check on some cabbage plants that I pricked out the other day.  They were so pot bound I had to tear them apart and I was worried there wouldn't be enough root left on after the rough surgery. They were suffering a bit in the heat, but otherwise look as if they will make it.

I did lots of work in the gardens at home, making space for and planting out the perennials, some from the Sutton's lucky dip and some from last year's plant scheme that I successfully over-wintered.  I've still got loads left, especially the delphiniums and oenothera which are quite big plants and difficult to know where to put them in our little garden.

I'm doing a sunflower trial for Which? so they went out into the front garden.

I have to study them and take note of the insects which visit them.  It will give me a good excuse not to do house-work, "Sorry, can't clean the cooker top today, I'm watching the sunflowers"
They gave me a check-list of plants to test and I ticked quite a few of them thinking I would just get one, not realising that they would send me them all.  So now on top of my own plants, and some of the allotments plants, I've got Which? plants - all in a little 6x8 lean-to greenhouse.

  • I've got about 45 antirrhinums, when I already had a couple of trays of my own. 
  • 5 more cucumber plants, extra to the 3 of my own
  • 6 more tomato seedlings, plus 4 given by a friend, I already have 6 of my own
  • 13 sunflowers
  • 3 petunias
  • 4 sweet peas
  • and some to direct sow when the weather gets warmer

I spent some time constructing the tomato growhouse got from Wilko's bargain shelf (£2.50) so two of the tomatoes can go in there, but I haven't got room for all of them so some will just have to be composted, I'm afraid.

A friend gave me a little widget for tightening the schrader valve on the wheelbarrow tyre, so hopefully the slow leak might be cured at last. Do you know that you can't buy new valves anymore?  I've been round every tyre shop in Newcastle! No, you have to buy a whole new inner tube. Of course, it might be possible online, I didn't try there, but I might have to if the tightening doesn't work.
[I remembered that I ranted a bit about this a while back(January) so apologies for repeating myself, but really!]

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