Monday, 20 May 2013

A whole day on the plot.

The weather is damp and mild and overcast, perfect gardening conditions, apart from being a bit muddy. I'm having a starvation day so I'm going to spend the whole day keeping busy to distract myself from my stomach rumblings.

I had another look at the runner bean frame and decided that the intersecting points were too low

It will be top-heavy when full of foliage. So I undid all those carefully wound lashings and and made the centres higher.

The waters have subsided a lot today, so I was able to plant out some of the cosmos. The snails had decapitated a few of them in the cold frame and had a good go at the red cabbage plants, but the blue pellets have seen a lot of them off to cabbage patch heaven.

I made a start on my cutting garden. An incidental result of making the hugelkultur bed and the other raised beds, was that I lowered the level of the paths and raised the level of the soil.  Adding the depth of soil and the extra soil improver has meant that the bed is quite workable even though the paths are very wet.

I planted out cosmos and sweet william.....accompanied by plenty of slug pellets.
Didn't get around to the red cabbage yet.
Because I have so many flowers still to plant out, I started to clear a very overgrown section by the gate.  I have never worked it since I first took the plot on as it was often under water so I let it slide, but since I re-organised the beds, I feel as if I have less growing space.  It has a big clump of montbretia and a fuchsia but is overrun with couch grass, buttercups and dandelions.  It is pretty hard going so I will go back to it over the next few days, weather permitting.
Top left of the above photo shows the latest pea support system, a la DD.  I took the netting down as it was just too awkward getting to the middle to weed or kill slugs (and probably to harvest peas, should there ever be any) It is a simple arrangement (but quite time consuming to construct) of a line of string on either side of the row to support the growing plants and I will add more lines as they get taller. 

I have spotted a tree which looks very similar to my pear tree (I must admit that I can't tell the difference between pears and apples, or even cherries, when it comes to trees) in the plot over the back, and it is flowering at the same time so with luck we might have pears.

Legs very tired as I wend my way home.

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