Sunday, 12 May 2013


Didn't need to water today and yesterday as there has been some proper rain at last, not a lot, not enough to flood the garden, or even enough to close the cracks in the dried mud of the rain pond.  Thank goodness!

Quite cold and windy today but there is some blossom coming on the apple trees...

And the pear is doing its best, but seems to have developed a bit of a lean.
I bought 6 very fine looking red cabbage plants from the trading hut, which I will plant when I have cleared away the pile of soil improver. 
I don't think I will bother with any other brassicas unless the urge overtakes me when I am near a plant stall.  We like them, but we aren't mad about them.  The psb is nice, but I seem to be the only person who really likes it, which I suppose is just as well as it only ever seems to produce in dribs and drabs.  We like cauliflower, but very rare is the home grown cauli which is as good as a shop-bought one.
I might sow some summer sprouting broccolli if the soil will just soften a bit.

My parsnip seeds seem to have disappeared without trace, they have been in since the beginning of April, so I think something should've shown by now. There are some seed leaves but they don't seem to be in the right place and I'm not quite sure what a parsnip seedling leaf looks like. One plant's seed leaves are much the same as another.

Everything is looking promising, we just need the nights to warm up a bit and I can put the tomatillos, cucumbers, squashes and courgettes out. Not doing sweetcorn this year.

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