Monday, 27 May 2013

runners and red cabbage

Considerably cooler today and a bit showery.  Of course! Its a bank holiday! Silly me!

Moved the remnants of the pile of soil improver, took off the bed covering and planted out 10 red cabbages.  Nice sturdy plants except one and that was an extra one in the tray of nine, so nothing lost if it doesn't make it. (dig hole, sprinkle of bfb in hole, sprinkle of lime in hole and on roots, pop it in, firm well) Put some netting over to defend against pesky pigeons. I've just realised that I didn't put any slug pellets out, oops! A job for tomorrow.

Planted out the runner beans (Enorma), it is a bit soon but they were outgrowing their pots and needed more space, so I took a chance on no more frosts.

 Saying that, they are the most developed runner plants I have ever grown, I have not previously been able to twine them around the cane at planting time. (Last year sown 13/4/12, planted out 22/5/12, this year sown 9/5/13, planted out 27/5/13)  I think they did better in pots, I usually grow them in the root trainers.  It was quite windy this afternoon so I put up a netting fence to baffle the wind a bit for the new plants.

Did some weeding and hoed the onion patches. The onion hoe is quite good, you can really see where you are going with it. Not good for the back though.

There are no more sprouts coming on the psb so they are for the high jump next, and I still haven't finished clearing that patch at the gate.
I haven't got much more to put in the plot, just leeks when they get bigger and the cucurbits when the nights get a bit warmer. Just as well as I haven't got much more room left.
One of the apple trees is looking lovely, covered in blossom.
The new apples in pots are flowering, the new apples in the ground are not.  The ones in the pots seem further on than the ones in the ground, even though they were bought later. Is this significant?

It started to rain, so me and the pram came home.

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