Wednesday, 15 May 2013

pear tree needs a partner

I have just found out that my only pear tree is self-sterile.  I wish Sutton's had told me this when I bought it, I might have bought 2 trees (on the other hand, I might have bought none, as it was a bit of an impulse).  I will just have to wait and see if there is another pear tree nearby which will step up to the mark this spring, if not I'll have to think about whether to dig it out or buy a pollinator for it.
(An email to Sutton's brought the reply: The pear Loffelbire is not self fertile and needs another variety of pear growing nearby. The varieties Concorde or Invincible would be suitable pollinators.)

Lots of rain overnight and this morning, enough to top up the water butt, but not enough for it to overflow or to fill the rain pond. This'll bring the slugs out.

There are some flowers on the Wikiem Manita broad beans, but not yet on the Bunyards Exhibition.  In a different bed, there also flowers on the Red Epicure but the plants are only about 8 inches high and very straggly, and something is eating them. Its isn't pea & bean weevil, could be slugs, but it looks more like insect damage to me.  They aren't looking very happy and never have from the start.  I might hoik them out and put something else in, it would give room for a few sweet corn after all.

All the potatoes have popped their foliage up and been earthed up.  Way ahead of last year at this time.

There are quite a few flowers on the redcurrant bush which I thought had died last year, a return from the dead.

Lifted some more of the smallest winter onions to use as green onions, they are very nice and much better than shop bought spring onions.

I used the last clove of the home-grown garlic today, and I had to use a bought one for the first time in a year! That must have been the best cropping plant of 2012.

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