Monday, 6 May 2013

peas and onion seedlings planted

It has been an absolutely brilliant day today, perfect for the allotment.  I even got hot! and a bit pink!
The temperature got up to 24C on the weather station.

Planted out the peas (Hurst Greenshaft). I was going to support the growing peas with string on both sides, but I decided to put this netting up instead.  It looks very tall compared to the very small plants, but it is only 3 ft and the peas should grow that high. And it might keep the pigeons off.
So to recap, on the two far sides are mangetout (Sweet Horizon) which I planted out yesterday, and on the near sides are ordinary peas. The ones in the middle are overflow peas.
Stopped and set the ghillie kettle going and its little whistle summoned me for a cup of tea five minute later.  It makes such a difference when everything isn't damp.
Been here for over an hour and it is still not raining or snowing or blowing a gale!  I can hardly believe it!
I found a space which was going to be a seedbed, but I decided I didn't need one after all, so the onion seedlings are in there now.
Lots of watering done, no rain to speak of for weeks now.

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