Tuesday, 7 May 2013

perennials overwintered.

Tidied up the perennials that were leftover from last year's plant scheme.  They have been sitting out the long winter in their pots in both the back garden and at the allotment. A surprising number have survived, I must have potted up 15 or 20 plants into 5 inch pots and only about 4 have not made it.

 Don't count the lupin,  it was a survivor but it was in MGG's tender care - mine died. Three penstemons went into the garden. That feathery one has lost its label, but I think it might be an achillea.
In passing, I took a picture of the bag of potatoes in the greenhouse.  They have doubled in size since the warm weather started.

Sowed some carrot seed in a black box in the back garden. (Meteor f1)

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