Wednesday, 29 May 2013

rainy day

Cold (11C max) and rainy day today, no point in going to the allotment, so weeded the front garden in between showers.  It is the part of the garden I always put off, as it is in the shade and therefore cold on 364 days of the year, and it is full of snowdrop bulbs with couch grass intertwined. It's a right pain in the neck (or back).  But I bit the bullet and got on with it and it looks quite tidy now except for dying back snowdrop foliage cluttering up the place.

I also planted out the last of the Suttons perennials, except for 5 delphiniums which I have potted up and will put in the allotment shop.

I also spent some time in the greenhouse and potted on the rest of the squashes and/or cucurbits (I'm never sure whether a squash IS a cucurbit or if they are separate families).  They are ready to go any time the weather says so.
The only ones I haven't potted on is the courgette on the right with the flower on, that's because it has managed to put roots in two cells at once and I can't figure out how to get it into a pot without disturbing it too much.  I reckon that it has the space equivalent to two 3inch pots, so should be good for a while longer.

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