Thursday, 30 May 2013

strawberries netted

Covered the other strawberry bed with netting.  I seem to have lost a few plants compared with last year.  Could be that my policy of cutting all the leaves back after fruiting didn't help, or was it just the rotten weather of last year.

It was cold today so to warm myself up I did some digging, clearing a bit more of the patch near the gate.  In doing so I dug up the fuchsia and relocated it a bit closer to the fence.  By the time I'm finished I hope to have space for all the antirrhinums.

The runners are hanging on, well some of them are, others have forgotten that they are supposed to be twining up the cane and I had to give them a bit of help. They are looking a bit battered and wind-blown.

The peas have gone into suspended animation - they, and me, need some sun.

These leaves peeping out from under next door's greenhouse have produced some rather decorative seed heads. Current opinion is that it is a carex pendula.

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