Thursday, 2 May 2013

sweet peas planted

Having erected the wigwam for the sweet peas yesterday, today being another nice day, I went to finish it off and plant the peas.  I carefully wound string around for the peas to cling to (discerning viewers might spot the deliberate mistake there), forgetting to take the tray of plants out of the middle of the wigwam first.
Oh well.

The potatoes are starting to come through, so I earthed them up.

Planted some fennel plants that I did for the plant scheme.  Because fennel apparently doesn't like root disturbance (which we hadn't realised when we bought the seeds), I grew them in paper pots, the theory being that the whole thing could be sold and planted without upsetting the roots.  But for some reason they were looking very sad in the greenhouse, very dry and quite small, and didn't seem as if they were getting watered along with everything else. They wouldn't sell, nobody in their right mind would buy them, so I put them out of their misery and planted them.  Kill or cure.

Re-sowed turnip seeds as something seems to have eaten the ones I took a photo of the other day.

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