Tuesday, 28 May 2013

netting on the strawberries

The squashes and cucurbits (I love saying that!) are getting rampant in the greenhouse.  I checked one and it has loads of roots growing out the bottom of the pot, so time to pot them on.  I was hoping to avoid that and would've liked to put them straight out but it just isn't warm enough at night yet, and even if it was, they haven't been hardened off  at all except for leaving the door open this past couple of days.
So I have potted on a few, but got bored with doing that and took some plants to the lottie.

The red cabbage plants.  A keen observer will note the row of bottles on the left.  This is where I sowed parsnips, at least I think I did, it could have been a dream, because nothing germinated.  Zero. Nada. So, 2013 is another parsnip free year.  A parsnip interregnum.  We've got Medina stores around the corner when we need parsnips, much less hassle.

Another 2 cosmos bit the dust so I filled the gaps  in the cutting garden with some oenothera.  I have no idea what they are going to look like and whether they make good cut flowers, but I put them in anyway, I've got to put them somewhere, I'm getting desperate to find them all homes.  I've still got a trayful of antirrhinum, aquilegia, and scabious left, plus about 10 delphiniums.  Oh, and the gaillardia, whatever they are. I think I could have a plant stall all on my own.  When I said I would grow more flowers this year, I didn't expect quite so many.  I blame Suttons.

The runner beans survived the night out in the open, but are looking a bit windswept.

Hoed the strawbs and the goosebs.  Lots of raspb suckers coming up.  I'm glad I decided not to get new raspberry plants just yet, otherwise I wouldn't be able to tell new from old.  I'm sure we can survive without raspberries for a couple of years.

Put some netting over the new strawberry bed, which was daft because all the flowers are on the old strawberries, but I will do that tomorrow.

I took the fleece off the sweetcorn, it keeps blowing off anyway, and the poor things aren't looking well at all.  Some have gone beyond yellow to brown and even an optimist can see they are not long for this world.  Never mind, I'll have somewhere to put those antirrhinums.

Still didn't get any more of the patch by the gate dug.  I think, deep down, I don't want to do it and all this other stuff is displacement activity.

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