Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A lull

Had to add another string to the broad bean supports, they are growing fast.
Because it has been so dry the weeds aren't growing as fast as they usually do so there is nothing much to do.  We've reached the time of the year when there is a bit of a lull.  Most of the sowing has been done and the results have been planted out, but they haven't started to produce yet.  So it is just a matter of good housekeeping at the moment; keeping the garden fed, watered and weeded, guarding against the vagaries of the weather and pests.

Two casualties...

 a La Diva cucumber not long for this world and a french marigold covered in slug slime.

I can't remember what this one is but the seed heads are quite decorative, (have just found out it is a Californian poppy (Eschscholzia))
This one I have just discovered in the front garden.  My friend Pat gave it to me last year, for months it has sat there doing nothing  and all of a sudden it is blooming.  I am giving it space in my diary because it is so pretty, and the photo doesn't do it justice, and I keep forgetting its name - Tellima.

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