Sunday, 2 June 2013

Another nice day

Another nice day, this is just what the garden needs, some sun.

I planted out some scabious which aren't looking very happy, they didn't like the heavy rain a couple of days ago.  The top half of the triangle of soil, I planted with organic fertilizer and the bottom half were planted with the same fertilizer and rootgrow.  I will take further pictures as they grow. Of course they might die...

The mystery squash is definitely looking like a butternut.
 I had a furtle in the potato growbag but only got 2 little potatoes out, too soon, perhaps, or my arm isn't long enough.  I was a bit put off by finding a worm in it, how did that get there? the bag has been in the greenhouse all the time. You wouldn't think worms were so well travelled.

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