Wednesday, 5 June 2013

celeriac, beetroot and spring onions

Its a cool day today while the rest of the country bakes, the north-east sea fret strikes again!

But it got out better in the afternoon, the sun peeped through and really it was perfect gardening weather - not too hot, not too cold.

I planted out the celeriac (Monarch) in the shady damp spot at the bottom of the plot next to the red cabbage.  I also planted out the beetroot (Chioggia) and clumps of spring onions (White Lisbon)
that I grew in a seed tray.

Planted out the last of the sweet william that has been straggling about the place since last autumn.  The plants are not looking very good so I just stuffed them randomly around the plot, they might surprise me.

A couple more cosmos decapitated by snails. More pellets called for.

Three of the winter onions have thrown up a flower head so I pulled them and a couple of small ones for dinner. (Stir-fry celeriac matchsticks, garlic, spring onions, yellow pepper, chicken, and noodles with a soy sauce, tomato puree and stock sauce. Simple but yummy)

Sowed some Tokyo Bekana (brassica rapa) an alternative oriental lettuce, supposedly sweeter and crisper.
And some modules of dwarf french bean (Purple Queen). These two seeds from Nicky's Nursery.
Also some Helianthus seeds which are part of the Gardening Which? trials I am doing.  I am supposed to sow them direct but the soil is so lumpy and solid, and I'm not sure where I want to put them yet, I thought they would be better off in trays.  I will move them on as soon as I can as they do not like root disturbance.

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