Saturday, 8 June 2013

cucumbers planted out

I made this sprung frame to support the cucumbers as they grow.  It is just canes woven horizontally in and out of some more vertical canes and it makes a surprisingly sturdy frame.  Its an idea pinched from Zazen999 on GYO's forum, dead simple! I might have to attach some netting but we'll see how it goes.

I put some string around the broad beans as they are getting quite tall.  Not that I slavishly follow what Monty says on GW, but he does do the right thing sometimes.

The newly cleared patch by the gate, looking all neat and tidy, with a tray of tagetes from the trading hut.
I've tried planting things in a random naturalistic way, but it doesn't work for me, every time I try it ends up in rows. I must have been something municipal in a past life.

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