Friday, 7 June 2013

first bean and first tomato

After a morning of pulling horsetail and couch grass out of brick hard sun-baked soil at Moorbank, it was a relief to go the the allotment and plant pumpkins in the hugelkultur bed.
That is nearly all the squashes transferred from home and planted out, the pram couldn't take any more so a courgette and the cucumbers got left behind for another day. I sowed far too many, on the assumption that half of them would fail, but of course a lot didn't and I couldn't bear to throw them away. I have
  • 4 pumpkin - Jack-be-little
  • 4 winter squash - sweet dumpling
  • 3 winter squash - butternut
  • 3 courgette - tondo di piacenza
  • 2 courgette - zucchini
  • 4 cucumber - marketmore 76
  • 6 cucumber - La Diva
  • and don't forget the mystery squash. 
    Hugelkultur bed in use at last

    courgettes and squashes
That's why there is no room for sweetcorn or cabbages this year, all the squashes take a lot of space.
Unfortunately I have just sown some dwarf french beans without a thought as to where I am going to put them. I might have to evict some of the weaker broad beans.

Now the squashes have gone there is some space in the greenhouse and growhouse for the tomato plants.  (The two gardeners delight have almost recovered from their roasting yesterday, still a bit floppy, but getting there.  One even has a tiny tomato)

Everything is looking good, I'm only watering new plants that haven't developed a proper root system and I am resisting the temptation to water everything every day so that the bigger plants will have a chance to develop deeper roots.

Hoed...  now is when I wish I hadn't planted the onions so close together.

One teeny-weeny bean on the broad beans.

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  1. I have never grown Cucumbers so I am looking forward to watching yours grow. Take care. Marion