Friday, 28 June 2013

First broad beans (just)

Pretty wet today, perfect slug weather, there was lots of crunching and squishing going on as I walked the grassy paths of the allotment.

I picked broad beans, only yielding about 2 ounces of very baby beans, but it is good to pick them as soon as possible to encourage more to come on.  The wikiem manita seem to have the biggest pods on, the bunyards exhibition next biggest and the red epicure don't seem to have any pods on at all yet. It looks like I might have achieved a "succession", all without trying.

Picked a whopper strawberry, that's the baby at the front, it weighed in at 1.9 oz. There were 9 ripe, the first half pound.
The fennel are looking quite good, for all it has been so dry.  The stems are starting to plump up. (Ignore all the extra plants in the picture, the current rain has really brought them on.)
The round courgettes are having another go after the slugs gnawed the skin off the first ones.
And the man who mends gates twining his runners.

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