Wednesday, 26 June 2013

first potatoes

I picked the first two strawberries yesterday, they were wonderful!  But sadly my communications  skills let me down again and I forgot to take a photo. Bad blogger! Just imagine two quite large berries, rosy red on one side and creamy yellow on the other (They were a bit underripe, but I couldn't wait any longer)and there you have it.

But what I did remember to immortalise was this.... Ta da!
The first potatoes of the year! 
A bit blotchy, but I think Kestrel is supposed to be like that.  That was one plantsworth and I think there is as much there as the whole crop of last year.
I wasn't going to dig any up for a while, because they are second earlies and by my calculations they wouldn't be ready till mid July, but this plant on the end was looking a wee bit more yellow than the others, which are looking lovely and healthy, so I thought I would have a rootle around and this is what I dug up!  I'm amazed!
Spent some time yesterday forking over the soil in next-door's greenhouse, the person who has that plot has been ill so he has let us use the greenhouse for the plant scheme and in return we are trying to keep the plot from getting too weedy.  The soil in the greenhouse border is really loose and has obviously had lots of compost put on it over the years, so plantsmeister Dave asked me to plant some of the tomato plants from the shop, they aren't selling too well and some of them are outgrowing their pots.  I'm sure that any fruit they produce, we will be able to find a home for somewhere.
 I only had time to plant 2 yesterday as I had a birthday to get over, but, keen as mustard, I went to plant the rest today. There are 2 Sweet million, 2 black cherry, 1 sungold and 5 gardeners delight.  The sweet million are looking a bit iffy, they were well pot-bound, but we'll see.

How about these beauties! Not a hole or blemish anywhere! Mince and taties for tea today!  It would have been good to have some broad beans with that but they are not quite big enough yet.

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  1. That's a fine yield! We're delighted with our first earlies so far as well; only pulled two plants but each has given a good panful of almost blemish and slug-damage free beauties!